Causes of Database Files Are Read-Only Sage 50 2020.1  

Sage 50 Cannot Open The Database Because Some Database Files Are Read-Only Sage 50 2020.1  

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Multiple Causes can be Responsible for Sage Error: “Cannot open the company file. A required data file is missing”:

This error is caused by more than one reason. Below is the list of many causes that have been identified:

  • The latest Sage 50 20xx version is not installed
  • It can cause due to lost server connection
  • Company data has been moved to a new computer
  • The icon file (.SAI) and the data folder (.SAJ) don’t have matching names
  • Multi-user not created or used
  • The icon file (.SAI) or the data folder (.SAJ) is missing
  • The company file is already opened by another Sage 50 program or another process or program on the computer
  • The company file (SAI file and SAJ folder) are saved inside a SAJ folder which confuses Sage 50 when restoring the backup
  • Some of the files or folders in the SAJ folder are hidden
  • The backup may not have been done properly
  • The data file has a pound sign (#) or weird character in the file name
  • Some of the files or folders in the SAJ folder have restricted rights for the Windows user

Prerequisites Points need to Consider:

  • The first thing is the latest version of the Sage 50 application should be installed before trying this troubleshooting.
  • Make sure that the data file location is not being synced to One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud file services.
    • If the data should reside on C:\, move the data to the C:\Sage 50 Data or create a new folder if it does not exist
  • If this problem occurs every time you share a file on Sage Drive, you should run a malware/spyware scan. It is also advised that you install a subscription antivirus and antispyware suite.
  • Make sure there are no # signs or unusual characters in the file name.
  • Do not use Windows Explorer to access the backup. Using the restore wizard, restore the backup.
  • If the SAI file and SAJ folder are missing after doing the 2020.1 updates, you may need to find a recent backup in Windows Explorer.

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Aida A. Flatt Answered on April 21, 2022.
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