Causes of Sage 50 Crashing Error

 I’m having an issue with it crashing we are currently using sage 50 Premium accounting 2019. it just started crashing this afternoon but was working fine this morning

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The Causes of Sage 50 Crashing Error

The Sage 50 Crash might be caused by a variety of factors. The Most Common Reasons Sage 50 Keeps Crashing

    • Either the Host has been changed.


    • Data has been transferred to a new user account.


    • Update your Windows installation


    • Damaged/corrupted Windows installation


How to Fix Sage 50 Crashing Issues

To fix the Sage 50 crashing issues, follow the methods below. 

How to Fix Sage 50 Crashing Issues

To fix the Sage 50 crashing issues, follow the methods below. Your program might crash or cause a variety of faults, both known and unknown.

Step 1: Open Notepad with Administrator permissions.

Go to the Start menu and type Notepad in the search box. Once Notepad shows in the list, right-click it and select Run As Administrator.

By selecting File, Open, we can now access the Hosts file.

All of the files’ types should now be changed from Text Document *.txt to All Files *.*.

Take the following steps: C:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts.

Add the following line at the top of each file: localhost 0.0.1 (All files with a # symbol at the beginning of the line should be disregarded.)

Save the changes you’ve made so far.

Now launch Sage 50 and put it to the test.

If you receive a notification from Windows Defender on your screen that contains any information about Win32 HostsFileHijack, ignore it.

If Sage 50 is still not working, leave the program, shut down your computer, and then restart it. Restart Sage 50 to see if it works.

Repeat the process on the other Windows systems if the problem is fixed on the machine where you used this remedy.

If you’re using Windows XP, try the following technique to fix the problem:

Step 2: Using the Selective Startup option in Windows

Use the Selective Startup option to start Windows.

Now switch on your computer after shutting it off.

Sage 50 should be uninstalled.

Cleaning the Windows system using cleanup program is a good idea. 

Take the following route: C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NET Framework to remove the folder v2.0.50727.

Delete all of the contents in the Windows Temporary Folder.

If you don’t know where the Windows Temporary Folder is, go to My Computer and right-click it. Go to Advanced Hit Environmental Variables now. It’s where you’ll find your temporary folder.

Reinstall Sage 50 now.

Step 3: Enable Windows 8 compatibility mode in Sage 50.

To begin, right-click on the Sage 50 accounting software and select Properties.

Then select Properties from the drop-down menu.

Select the Compatibility tab now.

Check the box in the Compatibility mode section.

Choose your Windows 8 version.

After that, click OK and launch the Sage 50 software.



Aida A. Flatt Answered on April 21, 2022.
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