Explain the reasons of network error occurred while communicating with the connection manager?

Im having issues. every time I bring up my sage50 program after the uypdate it did last night it tells me that the a network error accoutred while communicating with the network, Sage 50 2019

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Here are all of the probable causes of a network error while connecting with the Connection Manager:

    • Workstations are connected to several servers.


    • The server’s Connection Manager is not enabled.


    • The shared folder has been shattered.


    • Sage 50 2018 does not operate on Windows: XP, Server 2008, or Vista.


Prior to any troubleshooting actions, you should first try these.

    • Check to see if your machine satisfies the minimum system requirements for running Sage 50.


    • Ascertain that Sage 50 is also installed on the server or data location PC.


    • Restart your server and any Sage 50-enabled PCs.


    • If you’ve recently updated to Sage 50 20XX, make sure you’re utilizing the new Sage 50 20XX icon.


    • Disable the firewalls/anti-virus software on both the client and server computers.


    • Disable the Firewalls/Anti-virus between the client PC and the server PC.


    • Are there any hardware firewalls between the PCs that could be in the way? (e.g., a router?)


    • Check the version number of Connection Manager on all machines.


    • Check that the Connection Manager is switched on on the server.

You can also get full details about Sage 50 Connection Manager Download and what you can do when Sage 50 Connection Manager Unable To Start issue comes .



Agnes L. Clarke Answered on April 12, 2022.
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