How do I completely uninstall and reinstall pervasive in sage 50 2020

I am trying to uninstall and reinstall the pervasive I get a little lost step 4 sage 50 2020

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For New Users: 

    • First, ensure that all system requirements are met.


    • To install Sage 50 2020, you must first download the package.


    • Then save it on your PC and start using it.


    • You may now effortlessly install and utilize it on your system.


Existing Customers:

    •  Launch the Sage 50 version you’re using.


    •  Access your Sage account.


    •  Make a complete backup of all of your data.


    •  Next, select Services from the drop-down option.


    •  Navigate to other choices


    •  Select the Check Now option.


    •  Select the Sage 50 2020 update link from the list of update links that appears on your screen.


    • Next, select the download option.


    • Once the download is complete, exit the Sage 50 program.


    • Restart the program.


    • The updates will be downloaded and installed automatically. If it is not done automatically, you must manually apply the updates. You may also need to update your corporate files in order to minimize data loss.


If the file is not installed automatically, you must manually install it on your system after downloading it. Existing users who did it manually must also update their corporate files to the most recent version to avoid data loss.

If you have the Sage log installed on many computers, such as multi-user, download and install it on your server first, then on all systems from there.

Visit for more information on the given below link in SAGE 50 cloud hosting 


Abby Answered on April 12, 2022.
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