How to fix sage 50 error loading current company file ?

I am unable to install window 10 in my system .

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Sage 50 is the easy to use accounting software that is especially designed to help the small businesses, manage their finances, invoice customers, bill payment and inventory management. The impeccable software simplifies your daily business tasks that save your time and money. Sage 50 formerly known as ‘Peachtree’ software is subscription based software and offers free trail as well. The software handles all the crucial data in the company files. At times there is error in loading the company file. The occurrence of the error hinders the work.

When Sage 50 displays “Error loading current company file”, it means “Sage 50 has stopped working”. Your system is not capable to open program, it is unable to open company file else company file is missing after updating the server.

Root Causes for Unable to Load Current Company File

  • A null company file is trying to open automatically
  • The clemency is not similar on all computers in a network
  • Service release is not installed in all computers
  • Starting the system before installing update
  • The backup restored on computer may mismatch with the release or build as the computer that created the backup

How to fix it?

Section 1: Update installed on Server but not work desk/Company updated on a different computer

  • Close Sage 50 software
  • Browse the Updates folder
  • Click the latest Program update
  • Follow the instructions to install the update
  • Once update is successful, restart your computer
  • Open Sage 50 application
  • Select Help, then About Sage 50 Accounting to verify the update installed

Section 2: Force Open Splash Screen

  • Right-click the Sage 50 icon and select Properties
  • Highlight the Target line and then press CTRL + C
  • Close the Properties window
  • Press Windows + R to open a Run line.
  • Click into the Run line and press CTRL + V to paste the shortcut target.
  • Towards the end of the line, add a space and then XXX.
  • Then click OK.
  • Sage 50 will open, and the splash screen will now open.
  • Close the program to start the update.

Section 3: Restoring Bad Backup

Create another backup and restore it

Section 4: Damaged data files in company data folder

  1. Select File then open company and note your company file location
  2. Close the program
  3. Press Windows +E
  4. Then browse to the directory you (noted above in step 1)
  5. Delete the following files:
    • All .DAT temp files
    • All .DAT ptl files
    • All .DDF files
    • All .LCK files
    • All .MKD files
    • All .PTL files
    • All .PTR files
    • All .RPT files
    • dat (if present)
    • DAT (if present)
    • DAT (if present)
  6. Finally check that you can open your company file without any error.

Alternatively if you are looking manual resolution you can contact via Contact Form that accords excellent resolution in a very short time.

Accounts Experts Answered on September 8, 2016.
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