How to Install Sage 2018 Version?

.my computer crashed and had to have a new harddrive installed losing all the programs including sage I have a 2018 version, how do I install it again

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  • Launch the Sage 50 file.
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • To begin the installation, click Next.
  • Enter your serial number now.
  • Click the Agree and License agreement button.
  • To approve the installation location, click Next.
  • Start the Sage 50 program. To activate Sage 50, enter your activation key code from your registration email address and click OK.


If your machine does not meet the system requirements of Sage 50, 2018 then it may not even work. Remember to make a backup of your Sage 50 company file. Without this, you may lose your data. If you don’t have the activation key code, your program is not activated. If you fail to keep up with software updates or execute this routine at all, you run the risk of data corruption. If you don’t take professional help, then there is no going back. As such, always recommend taking professional support.

To know more about Sage 50 Shut Down Automatically. Click the Below Link:


Aaron Y. Rogers Answered on April 21, 2022.
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