How to Resolve Unresolved Amounts in Sage 50

┬áSage reconciliation page shows negative unresolved amount, but all amounts are correct (opening balance, ending balance, transactions, dates). No outstanding balance. I’ve also tried unchecking save transactions for account reconciliation, and then save and close. After that, I checked it again and set up the linked accounts. When I tried to reconcile again, it still shows unresolved amount. Sage 50 2020

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How to Resolve Unresolved Amounts in Sage 50: Step-by-step instructions for efficiently resolving unresolved amounts in bank reconciliation:


Step 1: Double-check all necessary elements:


The following items must be opened and checked:

Check that the Statement Start Date, End Date, Opening Balance, and Ending Balance are all right.

Check the dates stated in statements.

 Sage 50, double-check that all transactions are accurately recorded.

You have cleared the transactions that appear on your bank statement, so keep an eye on it.

In the Expense option, check the balance and inserted bank fees.

Ensure that profits such as exchange, interest, and mistakes are included in the Income option.


Make sure the outstanding amount is equal to the total of all unchecked items on the Reconciliation page.

ReConcileBooks also provides step-by-step instructions on How To Reconcile Credit Card In Sage 50.


Step 2: Examine the discrepancy:


The opening book balance is subtracted from the total of the statement opening balance and the opening outstanding balance in the Discrepancy calculation. Follow the steps below to get started:


If you wish to examine the value of the opening outstanding, you must check the current outstanding at the end of the reconciliation process.

The balance shows on the topmost line, which is referred to as the opening balance.

OK is pressed.

Select a user account.

Match the start and end dates to the bank reconciliation date.

Select Reports, General Ledger, or Reports from the drop-down menu.



The Sage 50 Discrepancy Value Is Negative

The opening book balance is less than the amount of the statement opening balance and outstanding. In this situation, one of the following three things might occur:


Outstanding opener at a really high level

Opening bank balance is really low.

The statement opening balance is too high.

The Sage 50 Discrepancy Value Is Positive

It indicates that the opening book balance exceeds the sum of the opening outstanding + statement opening balance. There are three other circumstances that can occur: an excessively high opening balance, a low opening outstanding balance, and a low statement opening balance.



Unresolved means the total of the statement end balance and ending outstanding minus the ending book balance amount.

The outstanding amount you can see at the bottom of the bank reconciliation window is the ending outstanding.

Book balance at the end: To find the value, go through the following steps:

Find Reports, Financials, and then the General Ledger.

Adjust the start and finish dates to match the bank reconciliation dates as provided.

Decide on the amount.

To see the balance, go to the bottom of the page and click Ok.



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Chelsy Cherri Answered on June 1, 2022.
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