How to use email reminders to make memorised A/R reports

I would like to set up my AR Aging summary to automatically send out as an email each weekday Can you help? QuickBooks Enterprise 2020

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Select Reports from the Business Overview menu (Take me there).

In the search field, type accounts receivable, then select Aging Summary or Aging Detail (depending on how much detail you want to receive in each emailed report).


  • Choose to save your changes.
  • After that, save the custom report.
  • Select Reports from the left menu, then the Custom Reports tab.
  • Select the report you created from the Action column drop-down arrow and click Edit.
  • For the set email schedule, toggle ON.
  • Set the recurrence interval you like.
  • In the Email Information area, type your email address, then save and close.


That’s it. You now know how to produce memorised A/R reports for customer statements with email reminders.


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