Is The Company Data Stored In The Cloud For Sage 50 Or Locally On The PC?

Friend said he was having computer problems and now he can’t find the sage 50 company data. Only sample companies. He dropped off his computer for me to take a look. I can’t find any company.dat files other that those in the samples folder. Did not find any .ptb backup files either. I don’t think he has a network where the file could be located across the network somewhere. Is the company data stored in the cloud for Sage 50 or locally on the pc?

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On a workstation, the data path in a file named configuration is incorrect.

In the current version, the business file is no longer active./li>

Instead of the data path, the company file is kept somewhere else.

The company file was accidentally replaced by another company.

Only Remote Desktop is utilised to access company files.

Data lost after upgrading to Windows 7 or XP

A mapped disc was used to install the workstation locally.

Change your single-user licence to a multi-user licence.

Permissions that are incorrect

Using a new data route to install the system on a new system

The data route is incorrect.

The software is restricted by the company’s files browsing in the Automatic Backup setup.


or SAJ

SAI (Sample Application Instructions)

The names of the data folder and icon files are different.

The firm file has been moved to a shared folder or another server.

Data from the company has been transferred to a new system.

Not generated hidden files in the SAJ folder Multi-user

The Sage 50 Data Backup file has been incorrectly produced.

The data file is being shared across several computers, and it is on a different release/version than the data file.

While the backup restoration is in progress, the company file is placed in a SAJ Folder, which prevents Sage 50 from accessing it.

Connection to the system has been lost.

If the system detects a pound symbol (#) in the data file, several files, such as auto.cnf and syncstate, are missing from the SAJ folder.



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Carvell lacost Answered on June 1, 2022.
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