Pervasive License Key Has Run Out

my program has not worked for months. “the designated lic server, has no active licenses. Sage 50 2019

Anna Liaz Asked on April 29, 2022 in SageCRM.
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  • Pervas Anti-Virus License Key Has Expired
  • Files that have been damaged
  • Pervasive 9.1 and its analyzer have not been removed.
  • The ISP provides DNS servers, which return for internal network PCs.
  • The Domain Name System (DNS) is down.
  • Blocking with anti-virus software and a firewall
  • Pervasive must be relaunched.

The temporary Pervasive License key has run out.

  • Sage 50 Open Computer should be closed.
  • Navigate to the program’s location. Follow this link to Article ID 10165: What is the difference between a data path and a programme path?
  • SageReg.exe should be run.
  • Go to the Key Status tab.
  • Select the Check Key State option.
  • Stop here if the License Type column has a Permanent key. If not, go to step 8.
  • Go to the Sage 50 Activation tab.
  • Then press the Activate button.
  • Close the Activation window(s) as directed and run Sage 50 to finish the Activation.

To know more About Modify License File Sage 50 


Click the Below Link:

Anna Liaz Answered on April 29, 2022.
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