Possible answers to the QuickBooks utility application pop-up problem?

we got a quickbooks utility application popup window and couldn’t sign in. why does this happen? Quickbooks 2018 desktop

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The following are possible answers to the QuickBooks utility application pop-up problem:

Either the user or the system can be restarted.

The user can also edit the user account by going to the control settings.

Note: If the first two approaches fail to address the problem, the user can attempt the following options:


Step 1: In order to log in, the user must utilise the temporary user profile. This prohibits the user from accessing the information for the first time, and a pop-up box will display and ask, “Do you want the following application to make modifications to this computer?”


Step 2: The user must now access the software.

Step 3: Choose View and then Large Icons.

Step 4: Select Change User Account Settings from the User Account drop-down menu.

Step 5: To continue, choose Yes, and then restart your computer to permanently store your modifications.

Step 6: In QuickBooks, enable or disable the specific Utility Application as needed.

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Billy M. Able Answered on May 24, 2022.
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