Possible Remedies To Sage 50’s Inability To Open Business Files

i cant upgrade one machine rest are all good. Facing errors a required file in the company file cannot be read

yet all other machines installed fine. Sage 50 2020 tp 2021.

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Here is a list of possible remedies to Sage 50’s inability to open business files…


30 minutes in total


Step 1: Choose the Wrong Icon

Check that you’re using the right application icon; if you use the taskbar to access the application, you’ll need to un-pin and re-pin the updated version.


Step 2: Start the software as an administrator.

The following are the steps you must follow:

Close Sage 50 first.

Select Properties from the right-click menu on the Sage 50 icon.

After that, choose Run as Administrator and open the Company File.

Move the item to a new location on your hard disc, then click the Add Permissions option.

It is necessary to copy the.SAJ folder and.SAI files to the C disc.

Add Everyone to the user rights settings now.

Make sure the SAJ file folder does not include any hidden stuff. Re-open the data file.


Step 3: In Task Manager, make sure the MySqld.exe file isn’t locked.

Check that all users are logged out and that you have in-network coverage.

Look for the Task Manager on the server.

Ensure that the show process from all users is chosen.

Below, you’ll see the processes option for terminating all Mysqld.exe processes.

After all processes have been closed, they now retry to open the company files on all workstations.

Make sure Mysqld.exe isn’t locked. The actions to take in the Task Manager window are as follows:

Ensure that Sage 50 is closed and that the Task Manager is active.

If the show process from all users id checkbox is present, all processes should be terminated.


Step 4: Examine the files that have been corrupted.


Start by restoring the damaged files from a backup.

If you haven’t created a backup and still need to open the corporate file, it is recommended that you get help from a professional to repair the data.


Step 5: Resolve any issues with missing or hidden files.


Now go to the location of the Sage 50 company file.

Locate the .SAJ folder and then go through the necessary files and directories.


Step 6: Verify that you have the most recent version of Sage 50 installed.


To begin, get the latest recent updates.

🔹 Manually install the update on the system. It would be in the following directory DIR: Download Sage Software Simply Accounting from C: Users/Public\Documents\Sage Software\Simply Accounting\ Download


Steps 7 and 8: Verify network connectivity

To locate the data files, make sure you have access to the disc.

If you’re transferring files across the network and don’t need access to the mapped network storage, or if the mapping is wrong or the connection is lost.


Step 8: Check that you’re connected to a private network.


Right-click on the network connection symbol and select Properties. Select the network and sharing option.

Check that the network displays private/work/domain/home rather than public.

Change “public” to “private” if it says “public.”


Step 9: Check to see if the file is on Sage Drive or Remote Data Access.

Download the file from Remote Data Access once more. The procedure is as follows:


The Welcome screen may be seen here.

By selecting the Connect button, you may connect to a shared business and choose the relevant company checkbox.

Connect by pressing the Connect button.


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