Printer Not Activated Error Code 30

I am using Cannon Printer , I had also tried to Print Via Gmail PDF , But I am unable to Print Error message

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Hi ,
Can you tell me more about your System Configuration .

Accounts Experts Answered on January 20, 2017.
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Hi Admin ,

I am using SAGE 50 Pro Accounting on my Windows 10 , Dell Laptop 64-Bit . Why Error Code 30 Comes .
Error: “Printer not activated error code -30”

Alvina S. Bergman Answered on January 20, 2017.
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Find the full solutions of this Error on SAGE Printer Not Activated Error Error Code -30       or you can get in Touch with support team on SAGE Toll Free Number 1-800-474-0179

Accounts Experts Answered on March 3, 2017.
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I am getting a printer error code 30 so I have removed the mail writers and tried running the Sage 50 Repair and have gotten another error.

Whitney J. Newborn Answered on March 16, 2017.
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I have followed all of the steps listed to help clear the sage error code 30 but I am still having issues. It now goes through the step when trying to email paystubs to employees, looks like it is emailing the stub but it never goes to their email. How do I fix this issue? Our company has an outlook exchange that we used for business emails.

Wanda S. Silver Answered on March 20, 2017.
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