Processes For Setting Up The Quickbooks Enterprise Multiple Businesses?

want to merge multiple online accounts infor on e enterprise account as seprate companies

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You must go to the New Company Interview procedure to set up numerous company files in the same QuickBooks programme. Each business has its own file, which may be adjusted as needed. In brief, you may change the various business files even after they are established. If a user is unable to locate any option on their dashboard, call the QuickBooks Enterprise Help Desk Number right away.


The processes for setting up the QuickBooks Enterprise multiple businesses functionality are shown below:



To begin, take the following steps:

Start QuickBooks.

On the main menu bar, select File.

Choose New Company from the drop-down menu.

Click the Start Interviewbutton on the New Company box.

If you have any further questions concerning QuickBooks, please contact us.


Step 2: Complete the company information:

Fill in the name, address, and contact information for the new company you’ve created.

Select Next.

Go to the folder where you want to save the company’s file in the Filename for New Company window.

Save the newly generated file

Select Next.

Tip of the Day: A number of CPAs have already migrated to QuickBooks Cloud Hosting solutions to make it easier for them to handle multiple companies and customers’ accounting and bookkeeping.


Step 3: Complete the remaining fields as directed:

Fill out the remaining wizard pages with the requested information.

Choose an industry and finish the new business formation process.

Select Finish.


Step 4: For further corporate files, go to:

Repeat the procedure to create more.


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