Reasons Of Sage 2020.2 Update Will Not Install On The Network?

Can’t get the 2020.2.0 to install on the computer, sage 50 c updates always breaks.

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The Sage 2020.2 Update will not install on the network due to the following reasons.

  • Not logged in with administrative permissions on the client computer
  • The released service was not deployed on the server.
  • The most recent service During the server installation, the needed files were not installed.
  • Attempting to install on a functional service release
  • There are many data paths on the server, and the client computer is displaying the incorrect one.
  • The computer’s ini file was formatted wrongly.
  • Proper installation is limited by user account control.
  • Although the server has been updated, a workstation remains on the previous version.

The Sage 2020.2 Update Solutions will not install on the network.

To begin, make sure you’re logged in as an administrator on the client computer. It’s also crucial to do the manual update on the workstation as an administrator. Still, if you’re having problems, follow the steps in the article below.


Section 1 – Open Sage 50 on the server if an update isn’t already installed.

Navigate to Help >> The installed version of Sage 50 accounting 2013 and before releases is indicated on the Release line, whereas the installation version of Sage 50 accounting 2014 and newer is listed on the Building line.

Go to section 2 if the software has been upgraded in the release or build; otherwise, close sage.

If it does not show the same install updates, the service release installation should commence automatically.

Once the installation is complete, check to see if the update is now installed on the workstation. If the issue persists, go to the next stage.

Section 2 – DATAPATH and LOCALDATAPATH do not match at the server

  • Close the sage
  • Open the File explorer
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peach, for 32-bit program or C:\Program Files(X86)Common Files\Peach for 64 bit. For the 2019 and above versions the INI file is located at C:\ProgramData\Sage\Peachtree
  • Open the configuration file for the installed version of Sage 50
  • Version 2020 -Peachtree270.ini
  • Version 2019 – Peachtree260.ini
  • Version 2018 – Peachtree250.ini
  • Version 2017 – Peachtree240.ini
  • Version 2016 – Peachtree230.ini
  • Version 2015 – Peachtree220.ini
  • Version 2014 – Peachtree210.ini
  • Version 2013 – Peachtree200.ini
  • Search the lines beginning DATAPATH = and LOCAL DATAPATH =
  • If a path does not match uninstall sage, and then reinstall the same and make sure to choose the location provided by DATAPATH = as the data location, then install the update again
  • I don’t match go to section 3
  • Once the installation completes checking the updates will not install at the workstation, if still, an error comes to go to the next section

Section 3 – Update not successful at the server

  • Close the Sage
  • Disable the User account control
  • Disable the antivirus on a computer if any
  • Press Window+R
  • Now type the regedit
  • Click OK
  • In the left panel, go to HKEY_LOCAL _MACHINE \Wow6432\Software\Peachtree\Applications or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Peachtree\Applications
  • Select the folder for the installed sage version
  • Release 2020 – Version 27
  • Release 2019 – Version 26
  • Release 2018 – Version 25
  • Release 2017 – Version 24
  • Release 2016 – Version 23
  • Release 2015 – Version 22
  • Release 2014 – Version 21
  • Release 2013 – Version 20
  • Double click on the version in the right pane
  • Now change the value data number to the base version of sage
  • Click ok
  • Close Registry Editor
  • Run update again
  • Once the installation is completed, check if installation now installs on workstations. Still, error comes to go to the next section

Section 4 – Incorrect Data Path on a Workstation or Server These procedures presume that the new network drive has already been mapped; if it hasn’t, repeat the process.


Check to see whether your machines are all following the same data path.

If the datapath on the workstation is incorrect, move it to the right path and execute the update.If the data path on the server is incorrect, remove and reinstall the proper data path first, then reinstall the update on both the server and the workstation.

Proceed to the next step if the datapath is correct.

Section 5 – Incorrect permissions on the shared data folder Verify that the permissions on my data files are right.

Install the server to a new data path in Section 6.

If the previous methods don’t work, remove and reinstall the software on the server using a different data route.


Now change the configuration file at the workstation so that the data path is local, install the update then change it back to network location:

  • Close sage
  • open the computer
  • Browse C:\Program Files\Common Files\Peachor C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Peach 2018 version or below. For the 2019 version and above that go to C:\ProgramData\Sage\Peachtree
  • Now Open the configuration file for the installed version of sage
  • Version 2020 – Peachtree270.ini
  • Version 2019 – Peachtree260.ini
  • Version 2018 – Peachtree250.ini
  • Version 2017 – Peachtree240.ini
  • Version 2016 – Peachtree230.ini
  • Version 2015 – Peachtree220.ini
  • Version 2014 – Peachtree210.ini
  • Version 2013 – Peachtree200.ini
  • Now insert a semicolon (;) at starting of the DATAPATH=line
  • Insert a new line after the; DATAPATH= line
  • Copy LOCALDATAPATH = line
  • Paste it to a new line from step 6 then remove word LOCAL
  • select File>> save
  • Go to Updates folder in the original datapath and then run the update
  • Remove the new DATAPATH= line from the configuration file when the installation completes
  • Remove the; from the original DATAPATH= line
  • Select File>>Select Save
  • Close the notepad

If you’re still unsure or want to check over more information, call the Sage 50 support number. An experienced staff is on the lookout for the ideal expert to help you with all of your Sage 50 needs. You may use the live chat option to communicate with a member of the team in real time. Additionally, send your questions via email.

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