Sage50.exe file, Sage50 2020.1 Accountants Edition Shortcut On Your Desktop Gives An Error Message?

woke up today and my sage 50 won’t start and gives me an error message. Says it cannot find the Sage50.exe file, Sage50 2020.1 Accountants edition

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Option 1: – Provide Required Permissions – Locate the Sage 50 shortcut on your desktop and right-click it.


On your screen, a menu will display.

‘Open File Location’ should be selected.

Right-click on Properties and choose Properties.

Select the Security tab.

Select the user from the Edit option on the Security tab.

For the user, select the option tab.

Select all of the choices for that user from the drop-down menu.

To save your changes, click the Apply button.

After that, press the OK button.

Repeat the above-mentioned steps for all the folders appearing in the main program


Carrying out the steps mentioned in Option 1 above will give you the necessary permission ( as a user) to access all the files and functions you need to run the Sage 50 Accounts through the shortcut. Here is a caveat though! Before carrying out the steps, you need to own the Administrator privilege. Alternatively, you should have the permission to modify the user account settings. In case you do not have these permissions, you should contact your system administrator.


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Option 2: – End Task the Running Program Press and hold the Ctrl+Shift+Del keys on your keyboard at the same time to terminate any background programmes. Select Task Manager now and go to the Processes tab. Select each individual task and click the Terminate Task option to end the tasks that are presently running.


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