Set up module-level security for up to 5 users.

how do i access my inventory i have sage50 premium accounting 2020

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To provide customers trust in the integrity and security of their data, Sage 50 Premium Accounting includes module-level security, audit trails, and a comprehensive Internal Accounting Review tool. Users have total control over who may access the information because it is installed locally on the network or PC.


Set up module-level security for up to 5 users.

Customers will get personalised invoices through mail.

Create customised invoices, purchase orders, sales orders, work orders, and bids, among other things.

Up to 125 custom reports are available, including inventory, cost, finance, sales, costs, employment, and more.

Utilize several strategies to gain perfect inventory management.

To handle jobs, related revenues, and costs, create cost codes and job stages.


Better Decisions Through Intelligence Reporting

An accounting application should do more than simply store credits and debits; it should also provide the sort of analysis needed to develop better strategies and make better judgments. Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting does just that. It enables users to design and process customised reports that provide all relevant data.


Make changes to inventory and purchase reports, sales reports, and financials templates.

To use the combined information during decision-making, access data from several Sage 50 firms or databases.

Real-time data is used to produce all reports.


Inventory management at its finest

Multiple inventory modules are included in Sage 50 Premium Accounting, allowing users to handle all areas of inventory control, including purchasing, assemblies and assembly charges, and stock on hand. Users can do the following:


Use whatever inventory costing approach you want: average, first-in-first-out, or last-in-first-out.

Purchase orders for inventories can be generated automatically.

Organize inventory elements defined by the user, such as colour, style, and size.

For bulk discounts, create several pricing levels.

Claims, warranties, and recalls may all be easily tracked with serialised inventory.

Accounting Help Service (

We hope you found the information above to be helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact our Askforaccounting professionals if you are experiencing problems downloading and installing Sage 50 Premium Accounting.


Sage 50 customer service experts have extensive experience with Sage products. They can assist you with resolving your difficulties as well as providing helpful ideas for using your programme.


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