Simple Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error PS038

payroll upate erros ps038 is not updating in my sofware qb en2020

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Simple Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error PS038

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error PS038

The first step is to update QuickBooks Desktop.

    • Open QuickBooks Desktop, then go to Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop. Finally, in the top right corner, select Update Now.


    • Select Get Updates from the drop-down menu.


    • Close and reopen the programme after the update is finished. QuickBooks


Step 2: Submit Payroll Information

    • After completing step 1, try sending the payroll data to see whether the problem has To deliver the payroll information, follow these steps:


    • Go to the Employees section.


    • After that, select My Payroll Service. Send Usage Information


    • If it was submitted successfully, try launching payroll update again. If the problem persists, please follow the procedures below to resolve it.


    • been resolved.


Step 3: Rebuild the Company File after verifying it.

Verify the Information

    • QuickBooks Desktop is now open.


    • Select File > Utilities > Verify Data from the File menu.


    • To close all open windows, click OK.


    • If QuickBooks finds no issues with your data, click OK.


    • Data Rebuilding


    • Rebuild data by going to File > Utilities > Rebuild Data.


    • After that, click OK. Make a backup by saving.


    • When the rebuild is finished, click View Results.


    • Please continue with the instructions below if you encountered no concerns.


    • You can contact our professionals if you discover any problems with your data.


Step 4: If you’re having trouble sending your paychecks online, follow these steps.

There’s a potential your paychecks are stuck in the “online to send” mode, which might be the source of QuickBooks Error Code PS038.

Follow the procedures below to guarantee that your paychecks arrive on time:

Select Edit > Find.

Select the Advanced option.

Select just Detail Level and Summary from the filter.

Select Online Status from the filter, then Online to Send from the drop-down menu.

To see the payouts, click Find.

Verify the information, and the paychecks that have been stuck will show.

If the problem persists after completing all of the preceding procedures, please go to the next step.


Step 5: If Payroll Error PS038 still Occurs after the Rebuild

If the same problem still exists, after rebuild the data file. Please follow the below instructions.

    • Go to Edit > Find


    • Choose the Advanced tab


    • From the filter select Detail Level and Summary only


    • From the filter select Online Status and from the drop-down menu choose Online to Send


    • Now click Find to see the paychecks


    • Record the paycheck details and send to Excel and Save



    • Open the first paycheck from the list


    • Click Paycheck Detail


    • Under Review Paycheck, in Earning Section enter the same earning item as the last earning item


    • A Net Pay Locked message comes up. Click No to close the message.


    • Select the Rate field of the new earning item


    • Ensure the Tax and Net Pay didn’t change.


    • Click OK


    • Click Yes, If the Past Transaction message comes up


    • Choose Save & Close


    • Select Yes again to allow Recording Transaction message


    • Open the paycheck again and select Paycheck Details


    • Delete the earning item that you’ve recently added in the earning section


    • Ensure the Tax and Net Pay didn’t change and click Save & Close


Repeat the same for other paychecks that have Online to Send status. Then try to send the usage data again.

Causes for QuickBooks Payroll Error PS038 . Also for help connect QuickBooks Error Support team



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