Upgrade Sage 2017 to 2010

Want to upgrade his sage 20 2017 to 1010 because sage goes frozen when he try some tasks

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Sage 50 2020 will be released in July 2019, according to the manufacturer. The pervasive v11 will now be updated to Actian Zen v13. Let’s have a look at how to upgrade Sage either automatically or manually first.

To access your Sage account, log in with your admin credentials.

To begin the upgrading, log in to your Sage account. Verify that you are logged in to Sage as an administrator. If you don’t have administrator rights, contact the Local Administrator. If you wish to apply extra restrictions to a specific user, call the Sage 2020 Support Number.

Method 1: Check for updates by opening the software.



Step 1: Go to Help and see if there are any product updates available

    1. If you already have an updated version installed on your machine, the message “You are up-to-date” will appear.


    1. If an update is available, the message “Update is available, download and install it immediately” will be displayed. When the download is complete, you will be prompted to install the upgrade. Install Now should be selected.


    1. Click the Install button to begin the installation procedure. Follow all on-screen directions exactly as they appear.


    1. When you see “Installation Successful,” click “Finish” and leave the checkbox where it is. Sage will open automatically as a result of this.


    1. A Sage splash screen will appear, displaying all of the items that have been updated to the latest version.



 You need follow instructions for Sage 50 2022 Upgrade

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