What is the Real Causes of Sage 50 Data Server Update

I cannot start Sage from back up It says that this data has been updated to a new format and is not compatible with this version of the software, Using Sage 50 2020

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Many medium and small business owners use Sage 50 Accounting Software to manage their finances and accounts. Sage 50 occasionally encounters a few issues, one of which is “The Sage 50 Data Server has been Updated.”


The Exact Error Displayed While the User Is Accessing The Sage 50 Data Server Has Been Updated


The Real Causes of Sage 50 Data Server Update

The user has not logged in with Administrator access on the client system, which is the cause of the Sage 50 Data Server being updated.


More information is available below:

  • The Service Release was not installed by the user.
  • The user has not signed in with Administrative Privileges on the client’s computer.
  • Installed Wrong Operation Release
  • The service release did not upgrade the Correct Files.
  • The server has numerous data pathways, and the client is on the incorrect one.
  • On the user’s machine, the ini file was incorrectly formatted.
  • The User Account was restricted in order to prevent proper installation.
  • Workstations are still using the previous version.
  • The server was upgraded rather than updated.


Sage 50 Data Server Solution has been Updated

The solution for Sage 50 Data Server has been modified, which is that the server must be upgraded to the most recent version before being updated.


More information is available below:


Method 1: 

If the update is not already installed on the server, install Sage 50 Accounting and. 1. 

Navigate to the “Help” menu.

Navigate to the release line and choose the installed version.

In Sage 50 Accounting 2013 – SR 3 and earlier releases (Sage 50 Accounting 2013 – SR 3), By selecting “About Sage 50 Accounting,” you may learn more about the software.

The installed version is specified in the Build Line in Release 2014 and later.

The first service release, 21.1.xxx, is installed, and 21.0.xxx is unpatched.

Once the Build or Release notification that the program has been updated appears, the user must close the Sage 50 Software.

The Server Release installation will begin immediately.

Once the installation is complete, the user has to confirm that the update will be enabled on the workstation.


Method 2: DataPath and LocalDataPath Do not Match

  • Open The “File Explorer” and Close Sage
  • Search the Path C:\ Program Files\ Common Files\ Peach if the PC is 32-bit
  • If the PC 64-bit C:\Program Files (x86) \Common Files\Peach
  • C:\ProgramData\Sage\Peachtree For Full Version of the INI File

Configuration Files for Installed Version of Sage 50:

  1. Version 2013: Peachtree200.ini
  2. Version 2014: Peachtree210.ini
  3. Version 2015: Peachtree220.ini
  4. Version 2016: Peachtree230.ini
  5. Version 2017: Peachtree240.ini
  6. Version 2018: Peachtree250.ini
  7. Version 2019: Peachtree260.ini
  8. Version 2020: Peachtree270.ini
  • The user has to search for starting line DATAPATH= and LOCALDATAPATH=
  • Uninstall and Reinstall Sage 50 and select the location provided by DATAPATH= as the location of the data
  • Reinstall The Update, Then Verify that the update is installed on all workstations

Method 3: Incorrect Data Path on Workstation or Server

  • If the DataPath is Wrong, Change it to the Right One
  • The user must run the update again
  • The Update must be installed on both the server and workstation

Method 4: Install the Server to a New Data Path

  • Uninstall And Reinstall the Sage 50 on a Server to a new Data Path

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Albert L. Gainey Answered on April 21, 2022.
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