Why Key file not found in sage 50 2018?

Key file not found appears and the program cannot run sage 50 2018

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Sage 50 is one of the top accounting software programs available, with a multitude of features and functions to help with your company’s accounting needs. However, it may occasionally experience difficulties, affecting you to have difficulty utilizing it.

Learn how to resolve the “key file not found” or “Bad key file” error in Sage 50 following a “windows critical update problem.”

The error notice frequently appears after the shared documents folder containing Sage key files has been manually deleted. 


To resolve the problem:


Sign in as the Administrator

    1. Select Run as Administrator from the context menu of your Sage 50 Accounting icon.


    1. Determine whether the problem is still present. If you no longer receive the error, it means you have a permissions problem with the software.



Sage 50 should be Uninstalled and Reinstalled


    1. Navigate to Start and choose Control Panel.


    1. Select Programs and Features.


    1. Choose your Sage 50 version from the drop-down menu.


    1. Select Uninstall.


    1. Use the installation CD to reinstall the program.



Note: If you are using Windows, go to start, control panel, and then security.

Programs and Highlights


In Windows 10, you can:


1.Right-click the Start button and select Programs & Features/Apps & Features.

    1. Select the most recent Sage 50 version from the list.


    1. Uninstall should be selected.


    1. Reinstall using KB 74018 AND KB 47873, or install from the installation files folder in C:\sage.


Sage 50 Error Bad Key File get it done correctly you need the good guidance with the best solution that helps.


Aaron Y. Rogers Answered on April 12, 2022.
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